Plants on the Window

Meet the Owner

Mystie Ziminsky had a love affair with food from a very young age, although it wasn't always in a healthy way. With her mother a Southeast Asian immigrant, well-seasoned chef and food enthusiast, Mystie experienced flavors and foods not commonly found in the standard American diet. She began self-studying nutrition at the age of 11 in the attempt to understand the relationship between food and her body. After almost a lifetime of addictions and unhealthy eating practices, she started her health journey in early 2015 and quickly gained confidence in the mental, emotional and physically transformative powers of healthy, raw and nourishing plant foods. She immediately began counseling family, friends and coworkers on the benefits of a plant-based, organic diet. Mystie holds an MBA from Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School and is certified as a health coach through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her passion for helping others, good food, health & wellness, and busine-ss made her destined to create a venture  where she could not only teach people how to eat healthy plant-based foods, but also literally provide it for them! She believes that health and beauty come from the inside out and nothing makes her happier than seeing her friends, family and customers thrive. She created Plantz Café with the goal to spread her knowledge, experience and awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet.