About Plantz

Our mission is simple - offer delicious, sustainable real, wholesome foods and transform the health of our community and the planet. Our menu is 100% plant based AND gluten-free.  

We proudly source local, fresh ingredients and all our foods are made with love. We believe that nutrition is the basis for good health and we provide a wide variety of well-known and newly-discovered superfoods that nourish and heal the body, mind and soul.


Our cozy and welcoming cafe elicits a healing vibration along with carefully selected healthy foods and beverages. Whether you're on-the-go or have time to unwind, Plantz offers the destination you're looking for. Grab one of our signature super smoothies or smoothie bowls, a rejuvenating hot or cold nourishing beverage or a satisfyingly delicious quick meal.  For the sweet tooth in you, we also offer local and fresh-baked plant-based/organic/gluten-free desserts.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?  We believe you can eat amazing and satisfying foods while also preserving the planet and your health!

Plant-based eating is known for improving the health and lives of millions of people every year. Superfoods contain higher than usual amounts of vitamins and minerals and have been used for over the years by many cultures to aid in maintaining health and preventing disease.  The plant kingdom has a multitude of amazing foods that nourish our bodies inside and out. 


Plant-based eating is sustainable for our healths and the health of our planet.  But we shouldn't have to sacrifice taste with compassion.  At Plantz Cafe, we offer delicious healthy and creative plant-based items that will not only make you feel energized and vibrant but will also make you feel proud to support our sustainability efforts!

Why Plant-based & Gluten-Free?

We strongly believe that a plant-based diet has the ability to heal not only human health but also the planet. There is no debate as to whether eating more fruits and vegetables as a positive impact on our health and wellness. With the multitude of conflicting and misinformation in the media, people are reluctant to make changes to their diets even if they believe it may help. There is also a learning curve when making plant-based dishes and finding substitutes for foods that we love and enjoy. We offer delicious superfood smoothies, drinks and foods and desserts that nourish and inspire.  Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated. Simple, clean, pure and delicious food. We source locally whenever possible and support local business and community health & wellness initiatives.  

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